Should you listen to your doctor? Maybe not!

 Over 27 years ago, the car I was driving was hit by a thief speeding in a stolen car., Because of the accident, I suffered three heart attacks, a traumatic brain injury, and was in a coma for three weeks. In addition to those horrible experiences, I had to struggle to survive seven months in three different hospitals with incompetent, cruel medical professionals i.e. evil nurses and careless doctors.

After I was discharged from the rehab hospital in 1989, I still had a severe neck problem. It was stuck in one position, tilted to the left with hardly any movement. I needed to turn my whole upper body to see anything on either side of me.

I met with an orthopedic doctor to see if he could fix this problem. After he thoroughly examined me and reviewed my X-rays, he said, “There’s nothing I can do for you. You are going to have to walk around with your neck tilted like this for the rest of your life.” Then he actually imitated how my neck was tilted. As if I didn’t know. I never went back to him.

About two years later, I went to chiropractor for the same problem. He looked at my X-rays and said. “You have the neck of a 65 year old. You will never get much movement back.” What did I do? I found a new chiropractor. I didn’t want anyone touching me that had limiting beliefs about my potential.

I didn’t listen to either one of them, I kept searching for answers. Finally I found a Chiropractor who utilized the Pierce Still/Wagon method, which was a gentle kind of adjustment. A few years later I found a different Chiropractor who practiced Active Release Technique, which healed muscle spasms. Finally I found Bikram (Hot) Yoga, which continues to give me more relief.

Do not let any doctor’s OPINION limit what your potential for healing is. They are limited by their training, drugs and surgery. There could always be alternative treatments. Keep searching.