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The day I survived three heart attacks started off quite normally. 

I ​didn't wake up that morning soaked in a forewarning sweat. No 
psychic or evangelical street preacher stopped me that day to warn me of an upcoming catastrophe and recommend I ​head back home to spend the next twenty-four hours under the covers. I didn't have a sentimental instinct to give my mother an appreciative kiss on the cheek, or write a will doling out my meager possessions.

FLEEING CAR ALMOST A KILLER - The Forum newspaper-12/10/1988.
Twenty three year old Joseph Parenti of Howard Beach lies in critical condition after a stolen car broad-sided his vehicle at 162nd Avenue and 91st Street in Howard Beach.

I was in my dorm room at college when my girlfriend called me and
said "JP died"........................Jason K, Freehold, NJ

This was the most devastating scene I have ever witnessed...all we could 
do was hope and pray........... Tom C, St. Louis, MO

When I heard what happened...I jumped on a plane, slept at the hospital 
and a friends house..........Steven B, Glenwood Springs CO

Everyone was crying; It was horrible...We all prayed like we never prayed before.........Carla M, Franklin Square, NY

Was he already dead and they just weren't telling me?  Was he in pain?
Was he going to be crippled?........Michael H, Rockland County, NY

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This book would not have been possible if not for The West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department. Without their quick response and expert care, I would not be alive today.To show my gratitude, a portion of my profits from the sale of this book will be donated to them.

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